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  • Hello, I would say it's all working as expected. Your prefix-list SSH - allows IP range​ And your "Test SRC IP" is << so matching the allowed range. BR, Andrei

  • Hello, The way your firewall filter is constructed, using "from prefix-list SSH" will allow all traffic from or to, as well as from or to If you want to deny traffic FROM and, you need to use the ...

  • That is correct. For you to do per-unit/per-VLAN queuing, you need to have either the -Q variant or -NG variant of MPC. ------------------------------ Eric Van Tol ------------------------------

  • Hi, I can not find J-Web Application Package version 14.1X53-A2 on the donwload site. I have EX4600-40F that is still on JunOS version 14.1X53-D.35.3 and it does not have J-Web Application Package installed, only the Platfrom Package. Upgrade is sill ...

  • Hello; I have a prefix list and firewall filter applied to the Lo0.0 interface in input direction. If I try to ssh to the loopback IP address from a PC with random IP address, I cannot see the login prompt on the terminal window which is expected. But ...

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