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    collapsed spine

    I running a collapsed spine environment into two qfx5120-ym switches, in this we have L3 multihomed irb interfaces. When testing failover during a reboot of one of the switches an outage for irb interfaces of 10-16 seconds occure. Is there a way to ...

  • Hi Running: Model: ex2200-48t-4g JUNOS Base OS boot [12.3R3.4] I noticed this log in EX2200 switch on all interfaces. mib2d[932]: SNMP_TRAP_LINK_DOWN: ifIndex 502, ifAdminStatus down(2), ifOperStatus down(2)​ And the weird thing that it happened ...

  • Hi! No, sorry. What you're doing is plain transparent tunneling. I would like to specify that three of the VLANs that the customer is feeding into port ge-0/0/0 that get encapsulated into SVLAN 3904 in your case, also are members of the respective VLANs ...

  • Is this problem specific to this hardware platform?

  • bonjour, what you are looking for reminds me of a recent discussion on the Junos forum titled Untaggad towards customer, Q-in-Q on uplink managing double tagged frames on my EX2300s works ok for me. clients connect to port 0 set interfaces ...


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