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  • The juniper ftp site is broken i think. Is there a way to download the 2.16 firmware for the srx110?

  • Hello there, We updated our SRX340s a few months ago to version 21.2R1.10. Since then we came across an ongoing error, which is confusing our monitoring System. the active cluster-node runs into an error on the snmp request for the interface table. ...

  • In case you didn't find it you save a rescue configuration with request system configuration rescue save This is only used in corruption and reboot scenarios. And should be kept up to date as the configuration changes over time. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello spuluka thank you, yes "show system alarm" works. Due to lack of rescue configuration. Regards, Amir

  • Hi Karand, I'm also locking for the newest firmware version for my newly bought Juniper SRX210HE2 with SRX-MP-1VDSL2-A module. After more than 3 years later of your post the download at is still restriced ...

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