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  • Yes, I konw this knob, but I don't get the logical behind the JUNOS default behaviour.

  • This is indeed a big problem if you're using non-EVPN devices in your fabric. You will need to enable manual MAC address override as smicker suggested. In terms of how this impacts traffic, it's important to understand the forwarding behavior. The leaf ...

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  • Correct, that's why you need to configure the v4-gateway MAC. unit 80 { virtual-gateway-accept-data; family inet { address { preferred; virtual-gateway-address; } } ...

  • Hi! Experts By default, the IRB interface in EVPN does not use VGAs' Virtual MAC address (00:00:5e:00:01:01) to originate packets, it use interface real MAC address to originate packets instead . Are there any special thoughts behind this? cause it ...

  • Juniper has lots of optics that are physically the same but marked and sold under different part numbers. This is probably some legacy from when it was deemed better to have one part number per series for the modules for marketing reasons. Who would by ...

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