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  • Hi , Thanks for all helps in the past. I wonder if anyone has met the same challenge or I missed something. I tried to set up LAG link to connect to Ciena 5160 but the uplink module 1g port won't show. set chassis fpc 0 pic 1 sfpplus pic-mode 1g ...

  • Hi Theo, I will activate NSB also to be on the safe side. The VC is already preprovisioned and "no-split-detection" is already enabled. Is there a resource online that can help me with the upgrade path online? I know that the rule of thumb is not to ...

  • Hi Igor, You should activate NSB too as you use LAG, it's not required but highly recommanded. https://www.juniper.net/documentation/us/en/software/junos/high-availability/topics/concept/nssu-ex-series.html VC must be in preprovisionned mode and "no-split-detection" ...

  • I'm sorry, but none of the solutions offered in this thread work. show vlans |match "default|\*" ae0.0*, ge-0/0/0.0*, ge-0/0/1.0, ge-0/0/2.0, ge-0/0/4.0, ge-0/0/6.0, ge-0/0/7.0, ge-0/0/8.0, ge-0/0/9.0, ge-0/0/10.0, ge-0/0/11.0, ge-0/0/12.0*, ge-0/0/13.0, ...

  • you can use the feature explorer tool to see which platform and Junos versions specific feature. This is the link to the 802.1x section including all the sub features showing which are on the ex2300 and the required junos version. https://apps.juniper.net/feature-explorer/parent-feature-info.html?pFKey=1417&pFName=802.1X%20authentication%20port-based%20network%20access%20control%20(PNAC) ...


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