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  • You should be able to use the /usr/share/ui/support/Trusted_CAs.pem CA certificates file: root@lab-srx340> show version Hostname: lab-srx340 Model: srx340 Junos: 19.4R2.6 JUNOS Software Release [19.4R2.6] root@lab-srx340> start shell sh # curl --version curl ...

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    RE: SRX-300 VRRP scenario

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hi, We using VRRP a lot without any problems, but in flow mode.

  • Hi, I have configured the SRX300 to use VRRP in the LAN interfaces, but I am facing an issue where the routers are in the Active/Active. The LAN's interface is connected to Core Switch and I have connectivity between the routers (ping is OK). The interface's ...

  • I see that for your forwarding-options you are using packet based mode. Which means you are using your SRX as a routing device, however you have security zones and screen configured. To use SRX as router, remove the security configurations with packet ...

  • I am really stuck. Need to fix this to keep my labbing going. Here's the problem, vSRX1 and 2 are directly connected on ge-0/0/0 (unit 0). IPs on same subnet, OSPF and Firewall configuration look good to me. But still they don't see each other. root@vSRX1# ...

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