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  • For this type of setup you would have all the physical ports be layer two in the same vlan. Then create a virtual layer 3 port for the ip address in the vlan. Depending on the Juniper model the virtual interface is either vlan.# (old style ex/srx) or ...

  • I want to set ge-0/0/0.0 as a static IP, but also have it in a group acting as a switch for members ge-0/0/0-6, is this possible? So far I have: interface-range interfaces-internet { member ge-0/0/1; member ge-0/0/2; member ge-0/0/3; ...

  • See attached abbreviated config. Thank you!!!

  • Hi Salvatore, This is a known issue. See

  • how is the traffic selector within the security ipsec config set up? When connected via the VPN, what is the local hosts (PC not SRX) route table look like?

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