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  • admin@SW2200> show log messages Jun 25 11:23:00 newsyslog[956]: logfile turned over due to size>128K Jun 25 11:23:01 chassisd[907]: CHASSISD_IFDEV_DETACH_FPC: ifdev_detach_fpc(2) Jun 25 11:23:01 chassisd[907]: CHASSISD_IFDEV_DETACH_FPC: ...

  • Hi, The link says " The file you requested has been deleted" Can you check the link or upload again ?

  • Hi I attached the full log and you can see there that interfaces flapped seconds after those two logs lines. So, I don't believe this was coincidence I know what those log lines means, but the consistency for those events is what worries me ------------------------------ ...

  • Thank you for the reply. I've already used the provided command and it works now properly. ------------------------------ AMMAR KEFI ------------------------------

  • Hi, The first log means interfaces are continuously flapping and this may overflow the logs. The second log means that the current log file (messages) have been filled to capacity (128K) and a new log file will created for capturing the further ...


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