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  • I have a scenario where I need to get a /32 host route that exist in a instance-type VRF (vrf.inet.0) but this same vrf serves as the L3GW vrf for the evpn-vxlan instance(instance-type virtual-switch...(this is a vlan-aware instance)). I have all of ...

  • Hello, Sorry I had a brain fade moment and thought LSP self ping is not working so I tried to answer that in my previous reply. For OAM BFD, I think you timers might be very aggressive. Can you please try (300x3) instead of (50x2) and see if the session ...

  • So found a good link (learning byte) explaining BFD for RSVP LSP: Now, I understood why destination ip is , it is by design. The issue is BFD session is not establishing between MX1 ( ingress LSR) ...

  • Hi Vishal, Thanks for your response, loopback lo0 has no filter, thus everything is allowed.

  • Hello, LSP self ping does take 127 address rather than loopback and that's how its intended to work. I think you might not have allowed UDP port 8503 in your loopback filter for the self ping to work. Please check following KB article ...

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