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  • Hi, can you please point me where I'm wrong in my relay setup on SRX: I've got external DHCP server (ping from host are OK) forwarding-options { dhcp-relay { server-group { DHCP {; } ...

  • Basically, the version of the command used is based on what storage type is in your device. ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP) http://puluka.com/home ...

  • I believe it will copy the backup to the primary if the device is currently booted from the backup.

  • Hi, thanks but it doesn't help me. The SSL certificate is working properly if I connect to the SRX directly through the web. (no chain issues) I'm not using Juniper Secure Connect. ------------------------------ Paul ----------------------------- ...


  • Nominate Customers for the 2021 Elevate Awards

    The annual Juniper Elevate Awards honor customers who use Juniper solutions to deliver amazing experiences for their businesses, customers, and the world. We welcome nominations from customers, partners (featuring a customer), and employees.

    How do participating customers and partners benefit?

    • Public recognition for their achievements
    • 1:1 interaction between customers/partners and Juniper sales/executives
    • Global visibility via success story, press, website, social media
    • Peer networking opportunities
    • A fun, virtual awards ceremony in November
    • Brag-worthy trophy for honorees


    Nominations close June 15… submit yours now.

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