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  • Sorry, too little time to reply properly, but please be aware that MTU means two things, L2 MTU and L3 MTU or IP MTU. Too often even vendors (I shall not name thee, Juniper...oops I did, but you're not the only one!) mix them up. I have seen things like ...

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    Allowing xml-mode command

    Hi, I'm trying to restrict commands for user, it must have in allowed only xml-mode and show. On SRX1500 Junos: 18.2R3.4 I have configuration like below and it's works perfectly, but on srx1500 Junos: 18.4R3-S4.2 the only working command is show ...

  • Just tried to simulate your situation and got approx similar result. NTP was synchronized but time source was LOCAL CLOCK. Have you tried to issue set date ntp from operational mode and check if that helps? Here is my result: > show system uptime ...

  • And there is the next updated. I took the node with Time Source: LOCAL CLOCK and with "no route/forwarding path" or potentially FW filtering way to the "external ref ID: =============================================================================== ...

  • Hi Elchin, Thank you so much! As you see from my original comment - the status and associations are showing all clean... The logs are not showing any issues. More than this, if I try to do set clock ntp (on devices with local clock), I can see that ...


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