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  • Hello Mr. Flores I figured it out, i was googling around for some information on what could be causing this and found an old forum post about some bandwidth test (not related to my issue) but then i found this "admin2@JuniperSRX# set security policies ...

  • Hello Mr Flores, thank you for helping me, i just added the below without success admin2@JuniperSRX# run show configuration | display set | match ping set security zones security-zone Internal interfaces fe-0/0/0.0 host-inbound-traffic system-services ...

  • Hi Steve, Thanks for the response. Do you have any further details of how MPLS packets are load balanced over an AE interface? For example, if we had two PEs connected via an LSP running over an AE interface, and multiple traffic flows between the same ...

  • Hi dears, I'm migrating from one RADIUS to another and working with them simultaneously, but i need a way to rollout rejected authentication packets . As their databases are not equal, sometimes a user tries to authenticate and gets rejected. Is there ...

  • I have a RIP router with two uplinks to R4 and R5. Both R4 and R5 have the same prefixes exported from ISIS to RIP. I have the following on R5 root@R5# show | display set | match isis2RIP set protocols rip group To-RIP export isis2RIP set policy-options ...



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