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    RE: BGP Shutdown

    Hi, deactivate bgp neighbor. Thanks

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    RE: BGP Shutdown

    shutdown (Protocols BGP) | BGP User Guide | Juniper Networks TechLibrary graceful-shutdown (Protocols BGP) | BGP User Guide | Juniper Networks TechLibrary

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    RE: BGP Shutdown

    Use the deactivate keyword. Example, to deactivate peer, root@vMX1# deactivate protocols bgp group IBGP neighbor HTH, Elvin

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    BGP Shutdown

    New to Juniper - using MX204. What is the command to shutdown a BGP neighbor (for maintenance / etc)? There is no shutdown command listed under: edit protocols bgp group <name> neighbor <address> Same applies to graceful-shutdown. Documentation states ...

  • Is this the only interface with issues on this device? Elvin


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