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  • So this points to the recommended approach of upgrading NG-RE, "request vmhost software......". Does this answer your query for this thread? to answer the second question, "set b" is basically a backup to your existing (in use) partition, and in a perfect ...

  • That's interesting did not know about all that, thanks for sharing, no they are not new, I think since 2017 and region is UK, here is the VMhost version:, I couldn't find the NG-RE. thing , also why Junos desk in set b has this old 17.4r1 version was ...

  • Hi Alex. the line you are interested in is under show chassis hardware: " Routing Engine 0 BUILTIN BUILTIN RE-S-2X00x6" So your RE type is RE-S-2X00x6, vmhost is supported on this RE if I recall correctly (not entirely sure). I have seen this RE on larger ...

  • thanks Ali, hmm not sure what type of RE, what types are there, how to check that? this MX204 with one RE, pasting show version and show hardware below : ------------------------ show version ------------------------ Model: mx204 Junos: 18.1R1.9 ...

  • Thanks for the reply, my colleagues were using this: request system software add re1 validate /var/tmp/junos-install-mx-x86-64-17.3R3-S10.1.tgz so it seems, it is little different from my case; as they had dual RE on this router and they are upgrading ...


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