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  • If you have console access to the MX check whether veriexec is enforced by running the following commands from the Junos OS CLI shell >Start shell % sysctl security.mac.veriexec.state security.mac.veriexec.state: loaded active enforce % If veriexec ...

  • Thanks for you response. We already try to recreate a a bootable disk, but we don't have the image, and we don't have have enough 'rights' to install package from the juniper site... So we can't create an image.

  • Hi This could be due to file system corruption , so best option will be re image this box with formatting flash. Here you can find the Techpub articles how to perform a recovery installation: ...

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    RE: Route Distinguisher

    Hello, Maybe You can mored detail about it. for example in the contect on vpn, is it the same? ------------------------------ LUIS ALJOBIN ------------------------------

  • Hello, I'm still trying to configurate a MX-104 router in a lab for my company. The router is now pingable from the management network, everything seems ok, even on the physical side (fxp0 interface...etc). We are trying to set the ssh so that we will ...

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  • New Book! "Day One: Migrating to Segment Routing"

    New Book.  Day One: Migrating to Segment Routing is a highly anticipated migration guide packed with tips and configurations culled from field implementations and production cutovers. Read what you need to think about, your options, and how to do it all with Junos.  

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