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  • Hi, i have maybe weird question. I am running iBGP session (from exabgp software over ipv6) to VRF on Juniper MX router. Juniper acts as router-reflector in our AS. And I am trying inject routes into inet6-vpn on other routers over this RR. iBGP ...

  • Hi, glad I was able to assist. just out of curiosity did you have to make any config change?

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    RE: Advertise-inactive

    Seems working now. Not sure if the issue was caused the vMX image. root@vMX3# run show route advertising-protocol bgp exact detail B2.inet.0: 28 destinations, 41 routes (27 active, 0 holddown, 2 hidden) (3 entries, ...

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    RE: Advertise-inactive

    Here is my topology

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    RE: Advertise-inactive

    root@vMX3# show routing-options | display set set routing-options rib-groups inet2B2 import-rib inet.0 set routing-options rib-groups inet2B2 import-rib B2.inet.0 set routing-options rib-groups B2ToInet import-rib B2.inet.0 set routing-options rib-groups ...


  • Nominations open for the 2021 Juniper Elevate Awards

    The annual Juniper Elevate Awards honor customers who use Juniper solutions to deliver amazing experiences for their businesses, customers, and the world. We welcome nominations from customers, partners (featuring a customer), and employees.

    Routing is a hot topic in many of the awards categories!

    How do participating customers and partners benefit?

    • Public recognition for their achievements
    • 1:1 interaction between customers/partners and Juniper sales/executives
    • Global visibility via success story, press, website, social media
    • Peer networking opportunities
    • A fun, virtual awards ceremony in November
    • Brag-worthy trophy for honorees


    Nominations close June 15… submit yours now.

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