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  • Type 2 routes include the MAC address. You need type 5 routes =prefixes to be able to place then in inet.0 and then export them to other devices. 2: 50:01:00:05:00:00 :: /304 MAC/IP 5: ...

  • Just re-checked configuration you've provided. As you try to import ip+mac routes, I think you have to configure separate instances with type evpn and vrf on the receiving PE router so it will install MAC into the EVPN instance (EVI) table and IP into ...

  • Hi Elchin, yes, I have tried composite next-hop, still no any change. root@MX-1# show routing-options forwarding-table dynamic-list-next-hop; chained-composite-next-hop { ingress { evpn; l3vpn; } } ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Anton, do you have forwarding-table chained-composite-next-hop ingress evpn statement configured under the routing-options hierarchy on this device? If not, try to enable it and re-check result. ------------------------------ Regards, Elchin --- ...

  • I have a Juniper MX router at the edge of EVPN/VXLAN domain. Let's suppose that MX performs routing only, no any kind of switching/bridging instances on it. I want to exchange EVPN VRF routes (type5 pure routes from MX, type2 MAC+IP routes from the ...


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