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  • Resolved this on my own. Rebooting the problem SRX magically fixed the problem.

  • Hi Erdem, I came across your request which is similar to my requirement, having SRX cluster connected with reth interface to cisco 3850 switch. so is this design not possible to achieve? your response is highly appreciated. Thanks Regards

  • Hi, We have Juniper SRX300 in our network. As per the scenario, two servers are there that are sharing the data using OPC communication through the Juniper SRX. Server-A gets data from Server-B as per the scheduled time. The configured schedule in the ...

  • We are using the SRX340 as our primary security device. We have engaged a 3rd party to do some parts of penetration testing. They have asked for this: Email Social Engineering IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to ensure successful delivery of phishing emails, ...

  • I have (3) SRX300 configured as follows salesoffice ----------- main office the vpn comes up and runs fine between main office and mfg (no need for a connection between mfg and salesoffice) If I ping an address inside ...

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