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  • Thanks Eduardo.

  • Hi, The "system ntp boot server" command has been deprecated. Today, you only need to configure "system ntp server". As far as I understood, it is because ntpdate is not used anymore at the OS level. Regards, C ------------------------------ Christophe ...

  • hi Deepak, in your case I think that the difference is more for the administration side than technical side, so you could put all sites from a specific customer in single routing-instance, identifying that customer by that routing-instance, thus facilitating ...

  • Hi. I have two CE-facing interfaces in my L2VPN routing instance. Both CE-facing interfaces are configured under the same site (SITE-A) as follows (I'm using LT interfaces in my setup since I don't have real cables).: set routing-instances ...

  • Hi, I want to configure below Cisco script in a SRS320. All help is highly appreciated. ! track 10 ip route reachability ! interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1.210 description LOLC HQ LAN Interface encapsulation dot1Q 210 ...

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