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  • You have a few options here. If you prefix allows, the best option is the advertise smaller prefixes to the preferred ISP and larger to the backup one by simply cutting your prefix in half. For example #.#.#.#/20 with two prefixes to the primary​ #.#.#.#/19 ...

  • We are using BGP with two different ISPs(Different AS number) in MX-104 router . My question is how to give higher preference to one AS number over other, so that my data will always flows with my preferred ISP and in case if preferred route is down ...

  • Hi djadhav , Topo: CE1 --- R1 ---tunnel--- R3 --- CE3 "My post says that R1 decrements the original packet's TTL value 'before' encapsulating it with the GRE header." Sure. R1 will decrement the original packet's TTL when the packet goes into the ...

  • Hi. Here is Junos Documentation on an OSPF Sham link. I understand what a Sham link does. But the documentation ...

  • Hi Harry. My post says that R1 decrements the original packet's TTL value 'before' encapsulating it with the GRE header. So you would need to compare the TTL at CE1-R1 with the inner TTL at R1-R2. Or better still, run a traceroute from CE1 to CE2. ...

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