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  • CWDM != DWDM ------------------------------ Brian Johnson ------------------------------

  • Hi all. Consider the L3VPN topology below, where PE1's core-facing FPC is FPC1 ge-0/0/0 ge-1/0/0 CE1 ------------PE1--------------- PE2 -----------CE2 I have configured the following ...

  • I figured out, that need to create a pool at static nat and assign the pool in a new rule set security nat source pool pl-isp2-27 address security nat source rule-set rs1 rule r-MX01 then source-nat pool pl-isp2-27 ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi, we have configured routing-instances for 2 ISP's One of our Exchange-Server which is configured for static NAT ist not using the IP ( configured in the static nat configuration. The server is using instead the IP of the SRX ( ...

  • What is your experience with this policy that you have applied now? What is actually occurring and showing up in your LSDB? Do you have a term 1 before this term 2? Also you might need an accept-all term after that term 2 if the only terms in this policy ...

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  • New Book! "Day One: Migrating to Segment Routing"

    New Book.  Day One: Migrating to Segment Routing is a highly anticipated migration guide packed with tips and configurations culled from field implementations and production cutovers. Read what you need to think about, your options, and how to do it all with Junos.  

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