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  • Hello all, I have a LAB environment with EVPN setup with MPLS as a transport mechanism . My problem is non optimal inbound traffic. Details in the attachment. Below I put config from PE1 and PE2. PE1: VRF and EVPN instance configuration ...

  • If the routers are sending the corresponding matching prefixes for route-target constraint address-family signalling they want to receive these prefixes, then can you check `traceoptions` for the UPDATE messages and validate the reason why the UPDATEs ...

  • No issues in my experience with this type of setup. Regards, Elvin

  • The OSPF part is not complicated: - Make sure the mapping between remote address and vpn name are correct!!!! You should be able to ping the other ends of the tunnel. Are the routers on the other end Juniper? If they are then NHTB takes care of the ...

  • Hi, I'm looking at configuring a few SRX's with IPSec tunnels, and want to configure the hub SRX with multipoint tunnels. I will be running OSPF over these tunnels. I've looked at the Junos docs on how to configure the tunnels, but there's not much ...


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