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  • Hello everyone, I apologize in advance, I searched and failed to find anything to help my understanding. We have a bunch of MX5/10/80s that are all on 15.1R6.7 and I would like to get them up to the latest 20.4R1. Reading the documentation, it advises ...

  • Hello, We're using JunOS subscriber management on JunOS version 18.4R3.3. We came accross an end customer case where the PPPoE session keeps establishing and reconnecting. The log out reason the authd log gives us is the following: "Feb 24 10:22:33.391021 ...

  • the vSRX can be downloaded in a trial version. Instructions can be found here: https://www.juniper.net/us/en/dm/free-vsrx-trial/ The trial will operate for 60 days without a license. ------------------------------ -- Jonas Hauge Klingenberg - Juniper ...

  • Hello, no, to download a JUNOS image you need to have an active software maintenance contract by Juniper. The contract and the images are not for free. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ If my answer provides the solution, ...

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  • Hi, I'm working in a lab environment (GNS3) and I need to download a Junos OS Image. Can this be done for FREE? If so, can you send me the link? Thanks,


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