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  • Ulf, Thanks for responding ! It was a minor upgrade within 19.3 Running on a CPE - NFX250 no-validate -- that is a knob to exclude the config validation to the new version. Between, the issue seems to be a memory issue. Will next clean up space and ...

  • Hi, which release are you upgrading from? (show version brief) which release are you upgrading to? (exact file name) which hypervisor are you using? why no-validate? What happens if you use it? Regards Ulf

  • Team, Context :- vSRX upgrade using command "request system software add <19.x.> no-validate un-link" Issue :- Upgrade Fails & the VM never boots UP. Troubleshooting Done :- - Console to the VM shows the same stuck at WRL localhost prompt. - Logging ...

  • thanks !!

  • It will switch it to stateless packet processing, so be cautious. Elvin

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