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  • You configuration seems exactly like the sample. Could you try the connections both inbound and outbound and see what sessions exist using show security flow session source-prefix show security flow session destination-prefix These will confirm ...

  • Hello, Can you try out the below option and get me the output ? >show security match-policies from-zone <> to-zone <> source-ip <> destination-ip <> source-port destination-port <> protocol 6 >show security nat static rule all Also, did ...

  • Next step would be to see SSL_PROXY errors in the log files. If you're logging to external syslog server, grep SSL or SSL_PROXY if recall. If not, then you will need to enable tracing for SSL_PROXY and view errors. Once you see what's happening, I ...

  • I'm trying to route from a public IP to an internal web server, but it doesn't seem to be passing http traffic, here's what I have: set security nat static rule-set web1 from zone internet set security nat static rule-set web1 rule web1 match destination-address ...

  • I have a self-signed CA certificate with key that is trusted at all our clients. I imported it to the SRX: request security pki local-certificate load certificate-id CA2031 filename /var/tmp/ca2031.pem key /var/tmp/ca2031.key passphrase xxxxxxxxx It's ...



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