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  • After research turns out the following is required to get this working in a different routing instance, alongside normal utm configuration. set security utm default-configuration web-filtering juniper-enhanced server host ...

  • Hi I am running Juniper Enhanced Web Filtering, with correct licensing wf_key_websense_ewf I have name-servers configured in the default routing table and the default table nats to the internet via another routing instance which is working. However ...

  • I can see that this thread is loaded with good information. But many of the terms are a bit strange for me at this point. I agree with the confusion re: being able to boot from USB and being able to upgrade from USB. They seem mixed here. " If ...

  • Yes, I believe this feature was introduced with the original release of 12.1 with DHCPD routing instance support.

  • The only question is whether it will work on this version of the OS: Software Version: JUNOS Software Release [12.1X44-D40.2] ------------------------------ ------------------------------


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