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  • Hi, Thank you for your repons. 1.To solve this I'll put an 10 gbps switch in front of the firewall and forward it via 1 gbps. sfp or rj-45. 2. Yes. Here is the error message: request system power-off Shutdown NOW! Reboot consistency check failed ...

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    RE: as path prepend

    My query is while prepending AS path - can we write any number other than 65111 .? Yes, the AS path count is for all AS in the path and it does not care what the AS are in the count. Also for DC1 , it is written as 5 times for DC2 , it is written ...

  • 1. No, the SRX320 does not support 10Gb optics (SFP+), only 1Gb optics (SFP), so it's not possible to physically terminate a 10Gb circuit on it. 2. You may want to post the upgrade errors here.

  • Worked when SFTP server was enabled. ------------------------------ ANKUR ------------------------------

  • If you have upgraded from a version <19.1 then Configuring sftp-server - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks might be applicable ...

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    We have an SRX300 with port ge-0/0/0 to internet and port ge-0/0/1 to an Aruba access point. With a single vlan, everything works correctly. However, when we add a second vlan (id-200) for guest network, non-guests still work, but guests cannot access ...

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    Hi all, after a bit of research, I've worked out the configuration for an Internet connection provided by Spark New Zealand on a SRX1500. Hopefully the excerpts below will help someone in the future! Note that I have a static IP which was picked up by ...

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    Hi all, May i know whether someone here already success try Juniper Secure Connect using vSRX? I'm try but still issue on certificate self sign. I'm try in the Eve-NG/PNET. Thanks

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    On the platforms that support TPM . Which method do you use to help harden your system ? File integrity via master-password with the added benefit of protecting the portable $9$ format ? Or File encryption which seems supported on all platforms via ...

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    On SRX is it possible to configure for a Dynamic VPN to go through a Symantec VIP enterprise gateway validation server for Multifactor authentication. The Symantec VIP enterprise server acting as Radius serverr.

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