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  • In the diagram, I meant to show you that the IP addresses were removed from the reth, They need to be configured as L2. and you also need to configure the vlans, like this: set vlan v20 vlan-id 20 set vlan v20 l3-interface irb.20 set interfaces ...

  • I have had the same reliability issues with the SRX300 and SRX340 devices. Random reboots, lockups when attempting to reboot from cli or Space and lockups while operational requiring a power cycle to recover. I have since had all my SRX300 and SRX340 ...

  • Hi Yasmin, Thanks for the detailed options for design. In the second option of stand alone switches, as you said the IP will be on irb0.20 but in the diagram you've mentioned reth4.20 above the IP. Please can you clarify if below config would be correct ...

  • Oh ok! That design has the two switches connected in a virtual chassis . If the two switches are NOT in a virtual chassis but are two separate standalone switches you have two options: Also, having vlan tagging on the reth ...

  • Hi Ylara, Thanks for you response. I was actually following this design (attached srx-design.JPG) from an instructor of srx/ex cluster course on udemy as it meets my requirement, however that course is based on older srx/ex OS hence getting it validated ...


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