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  • Hello All, If someone could help point me in the right direction, would be amazing. I created a script to pull interface information for the irb interfaces that are active on our QFXs. I tried the using a custom table and view to pull the information ...

  • sharing what i have: version 1.2; ns junos = "*/junos"; ns xnm = ""; ns jcs = ""; import "../import/junos.xsl"; /* Junos Space annotations ...

  • bumping. ------------------------------ MARK JOHNS ------------------------------

  • Hello, Im new to Juniper scripting. I am wanting to generate a script to pull all of the interfaces and their configured descriptions into a CSV file. What would be the method for going about this? I was able to get dev.facts however that doesnt ...

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    RPC-Reply Yang

    Hi, I have a little problem with RPC communication. It works really well without VLANs, but when I add Vlans and configure network with them. I can only connect to the device from a python script, but all RPC communication gives me a timeout error. If ...

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