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Puppet for Junos 

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  • hi All, I have been studying the Juniper documentation for Northstar features and understand that it supports RFC8231 ( Stateful PCE and LSP delegation ) and RFC8281( LSP initiation) and is built on RFC8664 and RFC5440 (i.e. it supports all mechanisms ...

  • Oh ok, sorry for the particular modules you're looking at, these are only available on-box for some op-scripts etc. You're perhaps looking at something like this: ...

  • I have installed PyEZ . But I can't find these modules. I saw these python codes from the jncis-develop preparation video. I can't find these modules. from junos import Junos_Configuration import jcs

  • We need to install PyEZ to import the Junos modules, starting with "pip install junos-eznc" or "pip3 install junos-eznc" along with the dependencies. Please refer here: ...

  • I am learning Junos automation python script. But I can't find anywhere I can download JCS and Junos python library modules. from junos import Junos_Configuration import jcs please help me to download these modules. thanks

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  • Junos offers a broad range of automation capabilities, starting from a YANG based configuration and state information base , accessible via CLI, NETCONF and REST over gRPC based JET APIs directly into various Junos daemons. Some readers might even ...

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  • Paragon Active Assurance Bootcamp 6/9/2021

    Juniper Networks - Global SummitThank you for joining us at Juniper
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    We hope you enjoyed exploring Experience-First Networking, and found the insight, information, and practical demos to be valuable for planning and delivering your network of the future.

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  • Introducing NRE Labs Content Previews

    Hey Folks,

    I wanted to take an opportunity to make sure everyone is aware of NRE Labs and some of the outstanding work Matt Oswalt has done, improving an already fantastic tool. 

    Those who have not visited or used NRE Labs in the past: 

    NRE Labs is an open-source educational project focused on making network automation and the emerging discipline of network reliability engineering (NRE) accessible for everyone. The site hosts browser-based exercises focused on learning the skills, tools, and processes that not only teach you about automation but also provide a hands-on experience in a sandbox created just for you. There are several lessons just waiting for you to explore and get started on your automation journey. 

    Check out the intro video:

    Those who have visited or used NRE Labs in the past: 

    Perhaps you would have liked to submit content in the past but felt it was just a bit outside your comfort zone. Well, good news, it just got a whole lot easier. You are no longer to required to build a local setup or fuss with Vagrant and Kubernetes clusters. Using a simple pull request, your preview environment is generated in minutes and ready for your content. The preview works much like the labs' consumption side today, allowing you to focus on what matters, showing off your contributions. 

    Check out the announcement here:

    If you don't think you're ready to contribute but would like to see a lesson in NRE Labs, drop us a note in the elevate community.

    Juniper Automation Team