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  • For scripting the command "request system storage cleanup" how do i pass yes for the confirmation on "Do you want to proceed?" ------------------------------ MARK JOHNS ------------------------------

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    RE: Junos Syslog Problem

    There is a problem with template. This works for me: action(type="omfile" dynaFile="SRX1500-DEFAULT" Template="RSYSLOG_SyslogProtocol23Format") Regards. ------------------------------ ALBERTO MONZON ------------------------------

  • For anyone who stumbles across this in the same position as me, I eventually achieved what I was aiming to by creating unique events rather than notifications, although this still required the use of Varbinds, I believe you can get the named parameter ...

  • Hi, thanks for the response. I have no problem using the special values you have mentioned, to clarify, when configuring the notification, included in the Special values available is " %parm[a_parm_name]% = Value of a named event parameter" You ...

  • While creating email notifications for events, please use following formats to capture special values in "Text Message". ifAlias: %parm[ifAlias]% ifDescr: %parm[ifDescr]% ifName: %parm[ifName]% eventid: %eventid% severity: ...

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