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  • Hello, I've started experimenting around contrail on a Kubernetes Cluster. I am trying to deploy it on an Ubuntu Cluster with juju charm (standalone Kube 1.21 on Ubuntu 20). The installation goes smoothly. All contrail services seems to be up and running. ...

  • Hi, Above document should be helpful here, this doc have details around connecting and managing third-party devices like firewall to border leafs ...

  • Hi all, I'm seeking some advise and clarification of leveraging MPLSoUDP vs VXLAN in data center spine-leaf data center overlay network (compute/vrouter--leaf--spine--border leaf--ce/pe). My understanding one is used for L3 virtualization and and another ...

  • Hi Guys, I am trying to install Red Hat OpenStack 13 and Contrail 19.12 , 3 OSP controllers ( VMs) 3 Contrail controllers (VMs) 2 Compute nodes ( bare metal) I am using RHOSP director for installation, I am getting following error, I tried multiple ...

  • Hello Team, I need to install contrail command server , but I had an issue : When I try to activate docker deployer ( [root@Contrail-Command ~]# docker run -t --net host -v /root/command_servers.yml:/command_servers.yml -d --privileged --name contrail_command_deployer3 ...

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  • NEW! Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) Release 6.2.0 (SaaS)

    NEW release note:

    CSO Release 6.2.0 is a Juniper Networks-hosted public cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.


    • Support for configuring routing policies in LAN segments
    • ADSL/VDSL Annex J support on SRX300 Series devices
    • MTU support on WAN and LAN interfaces
    • Support for editing tenant-owned public IP pool
    • Support for vSRX cluster in SD-WAN deployments
    • Golden license to onboard SRX Series devices
    • Usability enhancements
    • Support for alternate partition snapshot
    • Support for tenant-specific SSO server
    • Support to edit bootstrap and image upgrade time for SRX Series and NFX150 devices
  • New Contrail documentation now available.

    Contrail Networking Documentation, Release 21.3 is live! Juniper’s base SDN product offering supports physical and virtualized infrastructures in public and private cloud networking environments. This major release introduces numerous features and bug fixes.

    Juniper Contrail Cloud 16.2 documentation is also live and includes an upgrade path from Contrail Cloud 13 to Contrail Cloud 16. The upgrade to this fully managed telco cloud solution includes tuning, security updates, Red Hat fixes, and stability enhancements.
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