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  • Hi, Please see this url... https://jncie.eu/how-to-deploy-vmx-with-multiple-res-and-multiple-fpcs-in-eve-ng-kvm/ . Please make sure your server have good spec. Thanks

  • Hi kronicklez , I only use Free EVE-NG Community Edition. If I add one VFP, I will connect em1 interface of VFP to em1 interface of VCP. For additional VFP, which interface of VCP we should use? ------------------------------ NAM NGUYEN ----------- ...

  • Hi, Are use EVE-PRO? If yes then that was limitation as per design. If u want add more interface then u need add more vFP. Thanks

  • Hi all. How can I create more than 10 interfaces (ge-0/0/10, ge-0/0/11, ...) on vMX. I tried to edit in the configured nodes session (set number of ethernet interfaces to 16 instead of 12 as default). So I can connect devices use these interfaces (ge-0/0/10, ...

  • Hi everyone, i need some solution for my problem Im doing some lab with EVPN MPLS Vlan-Based, i want to make my CE have a multihoming to 2 PE. But i couldnt figure it out what the problem here. Im not getting any route types 2 in my topology. I'll give ...

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