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  • hi Team, please help me out .. i'm not able see inet.3 table on vMX. root@R1> show route table ? Possible completions: <table> Name of routing table Customer100.inet.0 Customer100.inet6.0 bgp.l3vpn.0 inet.0 inet6.0 iso.0 l2circuit.0 mpls.0 ...

  • Hi Team, l2Circuit is not coming up , please support. i'm using vMX 18.2 R1---P-------P---------R8 Configuration and logs are attached. BR:/ Sunil

  • I have a following topology The current routing table is as follows: lab@R3# run show route 2001:240::32/32 inet6.0: 149 destinations, 149 routes (149 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden) Restart Complete + = Active ...

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    RE: CSPF Juniper

    Hi Thanks for your response , but i'm not looking commands to show the lsp details or to configure the lsp . below command in other vendors will just run the cspf algorithm for particular destination and shows the output of computed hops without ...

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    RE: CSPF Juniper

    Hello, If you are trying to see the computed path (computed ERO). show mpls lsp ingress name <LSP NAME > extensive show mpls lsp egress name <LSP NAME > extensive JA ------------------------------ JARROD ANDREWS ---------------------------- ...



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