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Juniper Last reboot reason list

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    Posted 01-15-2021 13:10
    Hello all.
    I'm posting to see if anyone can help me compile a list of last reboot reason codes . My reasons is to have a better understanding for tshooting  and these will be use to do automation post validation. 

    Ive googled the heck out this and I've found what seems to be some dated info . 

    It make since that each platform has unique ones but im sure we can find   a basic list. Im only interested in the unclear ones for example.

        Last reboot reason             0x20000:Swizzle reboot
    Typically means  that the watchdog process started to see missed interrupts and forces a reboot if it appears the switch has hung
    The posts says 5 seconds with no interrupts per what JTAC has said.
    Examples of plain english reasons.
    0x1000:reboot due to panic
    0x1:power cycle/failure
    0x2000:hypervisor reboot
    0x4000:VJUNOS reboot

    In my googles I did run across a link at juniper.net label as internal.  So I am  hoping this will spark something at Juniper to release the reason codes that where applicable .

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