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EX JUNOS 12.3R10.2 --> 15.1R7-S6 Upgrade

  • 1.  EX JUNOS 12.3R10.2 --> 15.1R7-S6 Upgrade

    Posted 04-21-2021 04:38
    Hi,  all 

    The release notes state that:
    "Support for upgrades and downgrades that span more than three Junos OS releases at a time is not provided, except for releases that are designated as Extended End-of-Life (EEOL) releases. EEOL releases provide direct upgrade and downgrade paths-you can upgrade directly from one EEOL release to the next EEOL release even though EEOL releases generally occur in increments beyond three releases.
    You can upgrade or downgrade to the EEOL release that occurs directly before or after the currently installed EEOL release, or to two EEOL releases before or after."

    For example, can I upgrade from 12.3R10 to 15.1R7-S6?
     - XRE200 2ea, EX8208(with two RE) 2ea in vitural chassis environment