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  • 1.  vSRX core dumps

    Posted 5 days ago
    Question on Collecting  Core dumps on a virtual SRX appliance and running gcore from the root

    We have a virual SRX  running on a VM configured with around 1600 active tunnels.. Few instances we noticed that vSRX stop processing traffic and "show security ipsec sa" returns an error "not all ike instances responded to management requests.".. During such instances, sometimes we saw kmd process peaks high.  

    file list detail /var/crash/    ->  do all core dumps generated and stored under this directory ? Do they get removed after the system reload ?
    show system core-dumps  ->  Do the command show all core dumps that were generated after the process crash ?
    request system core-dump [process]  ->  Does this command correct the core dump info ? where it is stored ?
    % gcore -s path/binary-name pid   -> what is the purpose of this command ?  It can be run only from shell as user root ?   Shell access usually not permitted for the users with operator role . In that case, how do we get this ?   Should we need to run this command before reloading the system or restarting the process after the process crash ?

    balaji balakrishnan