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ZTP Commit Failed

  • 1.  ZTP Commit Failed

    Posted 12-02-2020 14:34

    Trying to get an EX2300 running 18.2R3-S5.3 to pull its config via ZTP. It seems to get the config just fine but errors out when trying to apply it. This config was taken from another 2300. I've looked over it a dozen times and it looks fine. I can't find much information about what went wrong. Here's what I'm getting on the switch:

    "Auto Image Upgrade: Applying TEST-CONFIG.conf file configuration fetched from server through vme"

    "Auto Image Upgrade: Commit failed for TEST-CONFIG.conf configuration received from through vme reason:warning: Error while setting loading configuration"

    "error: invalid value"
    "error: error recovery ignores input until this point" <- This message repeats several times
    "error: invalid interface type in 'snmp'" <- there are no interface settings in snmp
    "error: invalid interface type in 'forwarding-options'" <- again, no interface settings in forwarding-options

  • 2.  RE: ZTP Commit Failed

    Posted 12-02-2020 15:08
    Attempting to manually load the config using 'load override ftp://xxxx" showed me where the errors were in the config. Some brackets and semi-colons were missing!