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Subscriber management and RADIUS atts

  • 1.  Subscriber management and RADIUS atts

    Posted 09-06-2021 14:03
    Here it is the URL of a page which contains some RADIUS attributes and their corresponding Junos pre-defined variables.

    Predefined Variables in Dynamic Profiles
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    Predefined Variables in Dynamic Profiles
    Junos OS contains many predefined variables. The dynamic profile obtains and replaces values for these variables from an incoming client data packet and configuration (local and RADIUS). These variables are predefined-you use them in the body of a dynamic profile without first having to define the variables at the [dynamic-profiles profile-name variables] hierarchy level.
    View this on Juniper >

    At the beginning of the Broadband Subscriber Services User Guide, in the "Table 2: Session Attributes" (available at juniper.net/documentation/us/en/software/junos/subscriber-mgmt-services/topics/topic-map/dynamic-service-activation.html#id-radiusinitiated-change-of-authorization-coa-overview__d243e104) we see some Juniper-specific VSAs (65,66,67,68,179 and 180) used for dynamically adjustment of the session attributes.
    My question is, I didn't find Junos built-in variables corresponding to these VSAs anywhere. So I need to know which variables I should  use inside dynamic profile on Juniper MX router to handle mentioned RADIUS VSAs?