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performance issue with clustered srx 340

  • 1.  performance issue with clustered srx 340

    Posted 04-26-2021 13:31

    my name is Denis, I hope that is the good community to ask my question to...

    I do use a fresh srx 340 cluster.

    I created en reth interfaces  attached to several vlan. Each vlan is part of a zone.

    My problem is that when i test performance between 2 zones by using iperf3 for example, event it is attached to a gigabit ethernet link, transfert is no more than 150 Mb/s if i am  lucky.

    Iptraf pps is quite low and when i do that, the latency on the whole network is high between zone (around 70/80 ms)

    Only a few firewall rules between zone (mostely allow all policy for testing purpose for debuigging).

    the web interface show PFE-CPU to 100% during the test.

    i tried various debug command without having a chance to find ou anything...
    show pfe statistics traffic  show only a few pps (around 10K when i test it)

    Not using UTM (deactivated, no  licence) , not using IDP.. only attached reth1.xxx to my zone (around 10 zones).

    Using bgp with only default route (no full table). only a few nat rules (source and destination). no nat between zone.

    So help will be more than welcome...