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realtime performance monitoring (RPM) vs two-way active measurement protocol (TWAMP)

  • 1.  realtime performance monitoring (RPM) vs two-way active measurement protocol (TWAMP)

    Posted 28 days ago
    Hi all,
    I've already read about RPM and TWAMP. I recognize a couple of things between them. By my understanding, they're almost the same.
    But while I setting up two of them on my device (two acx2200 series), I see the RPM results, and the TWAMP results are different. As you can see below:

    show services rpm twamp client probe-results | match rtt
    May 27 14:53:00
          Rtt: 40 usec, Round trip jitter: 0 usec, Round trip interarrival jitter: 0 usec​

    show services rpm probe-results owner SLA test Ping-from-R150-to-R151 | match rtt
    May 27 14:53:27
          Rtt: 888 usec, Round trip jitter: 14 usec, Round trip interarrival jitter: 453 usec​

    →  The round trip time (Rtt) value has a big difference. Why is that? Please kindly explain for me. Tks

    My configuration about RPM and TWAMP:
         - RMP:

    @AGG1> show configuration services rpm probe SLA
    May 27 14:59:29
    test Ping-from-R150-to-R151 {
        probe-type icmp-ping;
        target address;
        probe-count 3;
        probe-interval 10;
        test-interval 10;
        thresholds {
            successive-loss 1;
            total-loss 3;
        traps [ test-failure probe-failure ];

         - TWAMP:

    AGG1> show configuration services rpm twamp
    May 27 15:00:17
    client {
        control-connection c1 {
            authentication-mode none;
            destination-interface si-1/1/0.10;
            history-size 500;
            test-count 1;
            test-session t1 {
                data-size 1400;
                probe-count 6;
                probe-interval 10;