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Removing a single interface from a "member-range"?

  • 1.  Removing a single interface from a "member-range"?

    Posted 06-02-2021 21:41
    When adding a "member-range" to an "interface-range", how do you remove only one interface from the "member-range" without having to delete the whole "member-range". In other words, if you made a mistake and needed to remove one interface.

    member-range ge-0/0/0 to ge-0/0/9

    I would like to remove ge-0/0/0 from the above member-range. Is there a single command that would do this? It seems like I would have to delete the whole member-range and then create the member range again and commit? It's like you have to run multiple configurations commands and then commit all at once.

  • 2.  RE: Removing a single interface from a "member-range"?

    Posted 06-02-2021 23:13
    Based on how you've defined the range, there's no direct way to exclude a member, however this can be achieved using a few  different ways:

    a) One way is to delete the range and redefine it excluding the member.  This one should be done with caution as we're removing/re-adding the range for a brief second or while the commit is in progress.  In my experience, I haven't seen much disruption due to this, however that was for a device where the commit went through pretty quickly.

    For example:
    delete interfaces interface-range member-range ge-0/0/0 to ge-0/0/9
    set interfaces interface-range member-range ge-0/0/1 to ge-0/0/8

    b) Another is to  use "wildcard" or use "member" instead of member-range to define the range, in a way that makes it easier to delete a specific member later on.  

    For example:
    labroot@JNPR_LAB# show interfaces interface-range MY_RANGE
    member ge-0/0/0;
    member ge-0/0/1;
    member ge-0/0/2;
    member ge-0/0/3;
    labroot@JNPR_LAB# delete interfaces interface-range MY_RANGE member ge-0/0/0
    labroot@JNPR_LAB# commit
    commit complete
    labroot@JNPR_LAB# show interfaces interface-range MY_RANGE                     
    member ge-0/0/1;
    member ge-0/0/2;
    member ge-0/0/3;

    Please refer this one for wildcard example:

    c) Another way to disable a member at the protocol definition (dot1x example shared in above link).

    Hope this helps.
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  • 3.  RE: Removing a single interface from a "member-range"?

    Posted 06-03-2021 08:22
    Gotcha, that explains a lot. 

    If I make all the uncommitted changes first then apply the commit everything should work.

    Thank you very much,