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PPPoE+DHCP Shared Pool

  • 1.  PPPoE+DHCP Shared Pool

    Posted 12-17-2020 09:34

    Can I configure a Juniper BNG with both PPPoE and DHCP support on a dynamic-profile and have both systems (pppoe/dhcp) use the same address pools and avoid any dual-assignment conflicts?

  • 2.  RE: PPPoE+DHCP Shared Pool

    Posted 12-17-2020 09:59

    Hi, yes , no problem with this. you can assign pool from radius (Framed-Pool) or allow system to assign address. 


  • 3.  RE: PPPoE+DHCP Shared Pool

    Posted 12-17-2020 11:42

    Thank you.  So then I can assign a /32 to DHCP subscribers (ethernet)?  Typically on ethernet segments, you have a subnet, a gateway in that subnet, and the dhcp server hands out an IP out of that subnet.  The hosts can ARP for the gateway IP and reach outside destinations.

    However I would like to issue /32 IPs to DHCP subscribers thus they really wouldn't be a part of any subnet at that point.   I would use unnumbered and borrow from the loopback IP.  I think this is possible if I just enable proxy-arp on the interfaces facing the subscribers.  This should allow them to ARP for my loopback IP which is their gateway.