Junos OS

  • 1.  dhcpv6 "confirm" message

    Posted 12-22-2020 12:11

    I am testing dhcp/v6 using dynamic-profiles for a subscriber access network.    I currently have a computer as the DHCP/DHCPv6 client.   I have noticed that after my initial DHCPv6 IA_NA assignment, my computer tries to hang onto that between interface bounces and it sends a DHCPv6 "confirm" message to the BNG asking if its still ok to use the IA_NA IP it had before and I do not see any response from the BNG and thus the computer goes and and re-uses that IP, however the BNG doesn't know about it and allocates another IPv6 address as seen in "show subscribers" output.

    Is there anyway to configure the BNG DHCPv6 server to listen for the confirm messages and respond so I don't end up with out-of-sync issues?