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Double Tagging on SRX (ae interface)

  • 1.  Double Tagging on SRX (ae interface)

    Posted 12-17-2020 15:39

    I see that double tagging is available on the SRX300 series (flexible-vlan-tagging) by reading this docuemnt:

    Configuring VLAN Tagging

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    Configuring VLAN Tagging
    Virtual LANs (VLANs) allow network architects to segment LANs into different broadcast domains based on logical groupings. The topic below describes the configuration of these tagged VLANs, VLAN IDs, and supported Ethernet interface types on SRX series devices. A LAN is a single broadcast domain.
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    But when I configured flexible-vlan-tagging on an aggregate interface, when I tried to configure 'vlan-tags inner outer' that was not an option.  It was an option when I tried that on a physical interface.  I assume it's just not an available feature on agg interfaces, but haven't been able to find any documentation on it.  If anyone has a doc to point me to that would conclusively state the support of this feature on agg interfaces please let me know.