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IPv6 Support on MX204

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  • 1.  IPv6 Support on MX204

    Posted 08-13-2020 09:56

    Hey guys,


    iam a bit confused over the Juniper License System.

    i would buy a couple of mx204 with Basic License (MX204-HW-BASE MX204 Integrated SKU with Base HW + Standard Junos
    SW, Perpetual ), just some bgp and OSPF stuff noting special.

    Anyway, i was wondering over the JS-IPv6 License option



    Is this meaning that i can not use ipv6 on my mx204 with basic license ?

  • 2.  RE: IPv6 Support on MX204

    Posted 08-13-2020 11:17

    Hello Kev,


    although I cannot test it, I'm quite sure that this license is just for older hardware. In the past, Juniper required an additional license for IPv6 for some hardware, like the old M-Series or EX series like EX4200.

    Today, IPv6 is broadly deployed, and as far as I know, there is no license need for this anymore. But yes, the Juniper website is confusing as it states that this is necessary for MX series Routers.


    For MX204, there are 3 license types: Base, IR and R. You can find more information about them here:


  • 3.  RE: IPv6 Support on MX204
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    Posted 08-14-2020 00:38

    @: The MX licensing tiers you are referring to have been phased out and the MX204-HW-BASE must use Flex licensing.


    The correct page to look at is https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/release-independent/licensing/topics/concept/flex-software-subscription-model-support.html#mx-mpc - you need to either purchase an advanced or premium license/subscription on top of the hardware.


    @Kev1904: The IPv6 license is legacy for M and early MX series and has a cost of 0(!) USD list price... so not needed on MX204 to be allowed to handle IPv6. As Alex mentions the license is honour-based as well.


  • 4.  RE: IPv6 Support on MX204

    Posted 08-14-2020 11:33

    I ask our Juniper Partner and he confirmed this License types.


    But i must say that Juniper make a huge mess with the licensing at the moment. Nobody sees through that. And this Flex licenses are rly **bleep**t.

  • 5.  RE: IPv6 Support on MX204

    Posted 08-13-2020 19:58



    @Kev1904 wrote:


    Is this meaning that i can not use ipv6 on my mx204 with basic license ?


    Currently the IPv6 license is honor-based and not enforced.

    Currently You can use configure and use IPv6 on MX204 with or without this license.

    This may change in future releases though.