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Out of memory

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  • 1.  Out of memory

    Posted 06-06-2020 00:28

    Dear all,


    Could someone help me with the resolution if a memory problem?


    I am getting a lot of the following messages

    Jun 6 09:59:54 juniper.net.net  authd[17182]: sdb_set_auth_response: Failed to set authentication response for client sid:30, err=SDB out of memory
    Jun 6 09:59:54 juniper.net.net authd[17182]: SDB STS MEM FAILURE sid:30 ASK= 31 REQ 45056 Max 40960


    Jun 6 10:08:52 coredhcp-rv jdhcpd: sdb_db_store_app_private_data_sts_in_lts MEM FAILURE ask 16384 available 18446744073709541009
    Jun 6 10:08:52 coredhcp-rv jdhcpd: sdb_db_store_sts_in_lts Flush STS->LTS Failed return -2



    Also, I can not get any information from the command "show subscribers" it stops working.


    I suspect that the problem can be related to the option " reauthenticate lease-renewal;" in the dhcp-local-server configuration.

    I had set the "maximum-lease-time 120" but now I changed it to 1200. 


    After some time dhcp service stops working.

    > show configuration system services dhcp-local-server 
    pool-match-order {
    dynamic-profile IPDemux;
    group myDHCP {
        authentication {
            password juniper;
            username-include {
                user-prefix dhcp;
                option-82 circuit-id remote-id;
        interface ae1.0;
        interface demux0.0;
        reauthenticate lease-renewal;
    pool DHCP_Main {
        family inet {
            range Main {
            dhcp-attributes {
                maximum-lease-time 1200;
                name-server {
                router {
                t1-percentage 60;
                t2-percentage 85;

    Any help will be appreciated 

  • 2.  RE: Out of memory
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-06-2020 00:50

    Hi Petro, 



    Per the PR you have enabled: reauthenticate lease-renewal for DHCP and whenever the DHCP Authentication Re-Auth (reauthenticate lease-renewal) happens, SDB might go down very frequently. Suspecting that you are hitting this PR.

    Link :  https://prsearch.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=prcontent&id=PR1473063


    Verify and confirm if you are hitting this, and the workaround for this PR is to Logout and Re-login subscriber.


    Hope this helps. Please mark "Accept as solution" if this answers your query. 

    Kudos are appreciated too! 



    Sharat Ainapur


  • 3.  RE: Out of memory

    Posted 06-06-2020 01:46




  • 4.  RE: Out of memory

    Posted 06-06-2020 00:52

    Hi ppetro,


    Could you please help me with which is the device you are seeing this issue on and what is the version running on it? 


    In Junos releases 18.2R3-S1 and 18.2R2-S5, on some low-end Junos platforms which have only 4G RAM (Random Access Memory ) memory or smaller (e.g. all low-end SRX), the repd process stops working. The issue results in the subscriber services like DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), authentication can't be synchronized to the standby RE (Routing engine).

    In this case, if upgrade/GRES (Graceful Routing Engine Switchover) is performed, the synchronization between the REs via the repd process fails, which results in subscriber services like DHCP, authentication can't work on the new RE after the upgrade/GRES. There is no restoration for the repd process. However, the service affected by the repd synchronization can be recovered by restart the service or reboot the device.


    Repd (Replication Daemon) is an infrastructure daemon that synchronizes subscriber information (e.g. DHCP, authentication) to the standby RE. If repd is not working, subscriber information synchronization to the standby RE will be affected. For example, when working as a DHCP server, DHCP client information can't be synchronized to the new RE, which results in the DHCP client can't obtain IP address from the DHCP server. Log messages "sdb_db_init: Failed to init stats db, err: - 2 : SDB out of memory" will be seen when the issue happens. Please use "show system memory" to check the RAM memory of the platform.


    Hope this helps 🙂


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