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shmlog eats all space on RE

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  • 1.  shmlog eats all space on RE

    Posted 04-10-2020 12:24

    I've found that some files with *.arg extensions located in /.mount/var/log/shmlog/arg concumes alot of space on RE and not rotated (cleared) automatically.
    To fix this I switch to backup RE and delete biggest *.arg file by hand.
    Last time it was 13GB

    root@:/.mount/var/log/shmlog/arg # rm jdhcpd-event.95.jdhcpd.0.arg

    I'm not using telemetry and:

    subscriber-management {
        overrides {
            shmlog {

    Is it save to clear all files in directory /.mount/var/log/shmlog/arg?

  • 2.  RE: shmlog eats all space on RE
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    Posted 04-10-2020 15:35

    Hey schadel,


    Greetings,  these are shared memory logs and they will not cause any harm, nothing to worry about please check below:




    Now if they are cluttering and not rotating as they should you might want to check this PR:




    The correct way to clear them is ">clear shmlog all-info logname all" or disable them as you did also will do the job!


    Good luck and happy Friday.


    If this solves your problem, please mark this post as "Accepted Solution" so we can help others too \:)/



    Lil Dexx
    JNCIE-ENT#863, 3X JNCIP-[SP-ENT-DC], 4X JNCIA [cloud-DevOps-Junos-Design], Champions Ingenius, SSYB



  • 3.  RE: shmlog eats all space on RE

    Posted 04-11-2020 02:40

    Thank you very much.Smiley Happy