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URL junos firmware upgrade sequence?

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  • 1.  URL junos firmware upgrade sequence?

    Posted 06-14-2019 02:56

    Hi all,


    Any one can share the url for junos firmware upgrade? I want upgrade my MX80 from ver 15.1 to 17.2. So can i can direct upgrade or need jump to another version first?


    Thanks and appreciate any feedback



  • 2.  RE: URL junos firmware upgrade sequence?

    Posted 06-14-2019 03:07



    please use the following link and refer to section Procedure to Upgrade to FreeBSD 6.x based Junos OS

    Products impacted: MX80, and MX104.







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  • 3.  RE: URL junos firmware upgrade sequence?
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    Posted 06-14-2019 06:48

    Hi Kronicklez,


    From the below link I see the 15.1 and 17.2 are not EEOL releases.  And as per the upgrade instructions you cannot upgrade directly from a non-EEOL release that is more than three releases ahead.



     From the above link you may see that 17.2 is more than three release ahead of 15.1 :   15.1 > 16.1 > 16.2 . 17.1 > 17.2

    To upgrade from 15.1 to 17.2 you can upgrade to any of the releases in between 15.1 and 17.2 and then finally second upgrade to 17.2. 


    Below is the link to upgrade instructions for 15.1 :





    Rahul Gautam

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  • 4.  RE: URL junos firmware upgrade sequence?

    Posted 06-14-2019 07:24



    First to correct one thing. In Junos world, we call the general junos image as software. Usually we use "request system software add <>". Firmware refers to some specific patch for FPC/SIB/CB.


    In theory, as my other colleague mentioned, you need to have an intermediate release to jump between 15.1 and 17.2. 

    However, in the field, we have seen lots of customer upgrading from 15.1 to 17.2 or even 17.3 directly without any issue. But not from any release before 15.1, as there's FreeBSD ugprade in 15.1. If this is a lab device or with just simple configuration, I would think one step upgrade is enough. Better to check in your lab with desired configuration and see how it goes


    In case you need two step upgrade, here's general suggestion for dual-re system

    0. Disable GRES/NSR if any 

    1. upgrade backup re to release 2 

    2. switchover

    3. upgrade new backup re to release 2. Both RE on same verion at this moment 

    4. upgrade back re to release 3 

    5. switchover 

    6. upgrade new backup re to release 3

    x. Enable back GRES/NSR if any