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IPv6 Address via RADIUS to CPE

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  • 1.  IPv6 Address via RADIUS to CPE

    Posted 06-12-2018 01:49



    After fantastic help from these boards before I got IPv6 working from a pool on the LNS. However, that was in a lab test environment.


    We now have the equipment in the data centres and we need IPv6 addresses (Prefix's) to be assigned via the RADIUS. So, using the "framed-ipv6-prefix" VSA I assign an address for the subscriber. This is the result from the LNS perspective:


    Run show subscribers

    si-1/0/0.3221262969                               test@test.co.uk                      default:default
    *                                             2455:6880:2600:4446::/64


    The run show subscribers extensive shows the following:

    Type: L2TP
    User Name: test@test.co.uk
    IP Address:
    IP Netmask:
    Primary DNS Address:
    Secondary DNS Address:
    IPv6 User Prefix: 2455:6880:2600:4446::/64
    Logical System: default
    Routing Instance: default
    Interface: si-1/0/0.3221262969
    Interface type: Dynamic
    Underlying Interface: si-1/0/0.3221262969
    Dynamic Profile Name: dyn-lns-profile
    Dynamic Profile Version: 8
    State: Active
    Radius Accounting ID: 37499
    Session ID: 37499
    PFE Flow ID: 37547
    Login Time: 2018-06-12 08:31:23 UTC
    IPv6 Framed Interface Id: 80a7:97b0:d2ed:f535
    Accounting interval: 600


    Which seems to show that the subscriber has an IPv6 address, and it is the one that the RADIUS supplied. However, when I attach to the DSL CPE and complete an "ipconfig" there is no IPv6 address and the WAN interface on the CPE also has no IPv6 address.


    Is there anything I need to configure on the LNS to get this working please?


  • 2.  RE: IPv6 Address via RADIUS to CPE
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-12-2018 03:40

    Trial and error ends up with a result in the end..... not that I am saying it is working 100% but at least I have the RADIUS assigned address.....


    Prefix Delegation needed applying to the SI interface.... As per the below command:


    set system services dhcp-local-server dhcpv6 group PD interface si-1/0/0.0