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SNMP interface name

  • 1.  SNMP interface name

    Posted 11-21-2018 08:35

    When I perform a network discovery using SNMP, the reported switch port name on my EX2200 is 513, 520, 523, and 561, which correspond to ports ge0/0/0.0, ge-0/0/7.0, ge-0/0/10.0, and ge-0/1/0.0.  Using the same software (Solarwinds NTM, LanTopoLog, 10-strike, etc.) on other switches show actual port numbers such as 1, 5, 10, etc.  Is there a way to set the EX to report the port number instead of the 5xx numbers or is there a reference to what the 5xx numbers are?

  • 2.  RE: SNMP interface name

    Posted 11-21-2018 12:05

    I discovered that the value reported by the discovery tools is the SNMP ifIndex value which can be found using "show interfaces"


    Physical interface: ge-0/0/2, Enabled, Physical link is Down
    Interface index: 132, SNMP ifIndex: 506



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    Posted 09-18-2019 06:49

  • 4.  RE: SNMP interface name

    Posted 09-18-2019 08:28



    Basically there is no such way to assign the SNMP ifindex manually. So unforatunaely , its not possible to acheive what you are looking for (i.e. SNMP index like 1,5,10 ect. )


    But use can use this command to find out which physical interface belongs to 5XX


    >show interfaces snmp-index 5XX

    to get a list use this :


    >show snmp mib walk decimal



    Here is some explanation. 

    The index is not predefined, it is monitored and created by mib2d dynamically. When a new interface is created in the system, mib2d checks for an entry of the interface in the file /var/db/dcd.snmp_ix. If the entry for this index is present, the system then picks the SNMP interface index value from this file, or else it assigns a new interface index value and writes it to this file.

    Since the file is maintained across reboots, the next time the same interface is deleted and re-created, the SNMP ifIndex does not change. The assignment of the interface index primarily depends on the order in which it is created. Thus, the value is different in a different machine.


    Hope this helps !!



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    Posted 09-18-2019 11:39



    Maybe you could try with this OID, which will give you the SNMP index to interface name mapping. Not sure if this helps. 


    Example from my lab:

    labroot@kamas-re0> show snmp mib walk
    ifName.1 = fxp0
    ifName.4 = lsi
    ifName.5 = dsc
    ifName.6 = lo0
    ifName.7 = tap
    ifName.8 = gre
    ifName.9 = ipip
    ifName.10 = pime
    ifName.11 = pimd
    ifName.12 = mtun
    ifName.13 = fxp0.0
    ifName.16 = lo0.0
    ifName.17 = em0
    ifName.18 = em0.0
    ifName.21 = lo0.16384
    ifName.22 = lo0.16385
    ifName.23 = em1
    ifName.24 = em1.0
    ifName.501 = cbp0
    ifName.502 = demux0
    ifName.503 = esi
    ifName.504 = irb
    ifName.505 = jsrv
    ifName.506 = jsrv.1
    ifName.507 = pip0
    ifName.508 = pp0
    ifName.509 = rbeb
    ifName.510 = vtep
    ifName.511 = pfh-3/0/0
    ifName.512 = pfe-3/0/0
    ifName.513 = pfe-3/0/0.16383
    ifName.514 = pfh-3/0/0.16383
    ifName.515 = pfh-3/0/0.16384
    ifName.516 = ms-3/0/0
    ifName.517 = pc-3/0/0
    ifName.518 = mams-3/0/0
    ifName.519 = ms-3/1/0
    ifName.520 = pc-3/1/0
    ifName.521 = mams-3/1/0





  • 6.  RE: SNMP interface name

    Posted 09-18-2019 18:46

    Please try loading this OID to the Discovery tool and check if that helps