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Can't login via console or J-Web

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  • 1.  Can't login via console or J-Web

    Posted 01-30-2019 07:12



    I factory reset a Juniper EX4300-24T switch, did the EZSetup via J-web without any hickups, but I am unable to log into the swtich. 


    If I try logging in as root via J-web, I always get the incorrect username/password reply even though I am typing it correctly.  Likewise, if I try logging in via the CONSOLE port, I get to the login prompt but whenever I type 'root' and hit Enter, I do not get the password prompt. Instead, I get prompted for the username again as if I hadn't typed anything. I setup the serial connection with what the manual outlines (9600 baud rate, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control).


    Any thoughts? JunOS version is 13.2X51-D26.2. Outdated, I know. It used to be 18.3R1.9, but it somehow got downgraded even before the factory reset when I tried to follow the following instructions to reset the root password. 




    Needless to day that the 'commit' at the end was unsuccessful as well and I could not get past the errors that I was getting, hence the reset.





  • 2.  RE: Can't login via console or J-Web
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    Posted 01-30-2019 07:58

    I just dealt with similar behavior on an ex4200 an hour ago.  This is what I did to recover.


    Reboot into single usermode and reset password following this


    If you get an error like "There were error(s) delivering the configuration. Error(s): rename failed for /var/etc/pam.conf" when trying to change the root password run the lines below from this


    Start shell user root

    ls -lo /var/etc/pam.conf
    chflags 0 /var/etc/pam.conf
    ls -lo /var/etc/pam.conf


    After running that you should be able to complete the root password reset from the first set of instructions.


    And if you're like me and want to backup configs before rebooting you should be able to sftp in and grab them following these instructions


    Good luck!