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MX80 PPPoE server + RADIUS authentication

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  • 1.  MX80 PPPoE server + RADIUS authentication

    Posted 03-25-2018 11:47

    Dear forum,


    I'm trying to trial an MX80 for a BRAS role and am not sure if I need a license for this or not.

    Basically I need the router to:


    - act as pppoe server on specific interfaces

    - authenticate users via chap or pap 

    - assign ppp users the framed-ip-address it receives from the radius server


    No accounting or other features needed.


    Do I need any license for this or not ?


    Thank you.



  • 2.  RE: MX80 PPPoE server + RADIUS authentication

    Posted 03-25-2018 12:18


    Yes, you need a Subscriber Service Management Feature license.



  • 3.  RE: MX80 PPPoE server + RADIUS authentication
    Best Answer

    Posted 03-25-2018 19:12

    Hi Alex,


    As you mentioned trial for B-RAS, In Junos releases "prior" to "16.1", MX BNG functionality is enabled at f ull scale (uncapped) features for 30 days upon initial configuration of BNG features. Upon expiration of the 30 day Demo license, subscriber scale is limited to a maximum of 1,000 subscribers.

    Beginning with Junos release 16.1 and all subsequent releases,the 30 day Demo l icense will continue to allow full BNG scale for 30 days. However, after 30 days, the subscriber scale will be limited to 10 subscribers.

    If testing at scale is needed beyond the expiration of the 30 day Demo license grace period, the system must be reinitialized via USB. The typical procedure follows:

    • Copy the configuration and any other needed files off of the router.
    • Reinitialize the router via USB with the desired SW release.
    • Copy the configuration back onto the router to continue testing.

    Note: You require license only when your on production setup. For trail, Testbed/PoC, you dont require license.







  • 4.  RE: MX80 PPPoE server + RADIUS authentication

    Posted 03-25-2018 22:56

    Hi Folks,

    Just my 2 cents on this…


    Software Features That Require Licenses on MX Series Routers Only



  • 5.  RE: MX80 PPPoE server + RADIUS authentication

    Posted 03-26-2018 03:12



    Hope you've seen my post, you dont require license for trail!



  • 6.  RE: MX80 PPPoE server + RADIUS authentication

    Posted 11-18-2018 19:09

    I have an issue that radius could not reachable to radius server or not respond, i showed log file of authentication service on MX80: 

    Nov 19 10:40:17.775578 authd_send_ssh_radius_acctg_state: ACCT-ON/OFF req SENT for profile <RADIUS>
    Nov 19 10:40:29.782719 Radius result is CLIENT_REQ_TIMEOUT
    Nov 19 10:40:29.782819 authd_radius_acctg_on_callback ACCT-ON failed, for profile <RADIUS>; LR <default>; RI <default>: re-trying
    Nov 19 10:40:29.782856 authd_send_ssh_radius_acctg_state: Starting RADIUS ON accounting
    Nov 19 10:40:29.782895 authd_radius_get_config:Using radius option config from access profile stanza
    Nov 19 10:40:29.782966 authd_create_application_specific_radius_server: Evaluating RADIUS server to add to the server list
    Nov 19 10:40:29.783004 Evaluating RADIUS server to add to the server list
    Nov 19 10:40:29.783040 Verify source address c0a80a14 in routing instance index=0
    Nov 19 10:40:29.783159 authd_radius_server_add: server retry 3, timeout 3
    Nov 19 10:40:29.783369 Request queued successfully


    i don't know how to solve this problem, please help me, thank u very much 

  • 7.  RE: MX80 PPPoE server + RADIUS authentication

    Posted 11-18-2018 19:32



    Could you check if your radius server is reachable via source  c0a80a14 ( 

    Do a ping to towards the radius.


    Couple of questions:

    what the JUNOS version? and was your radius server up and running before or is this the first you setting up radius with MX?

    Also check if the radius server is UP or Down?


    > show network-access aaa radius-servers detail


    BTW, the orginal thread/post is not related to your problem. I would suggest to log a new post on forum.




  • 8.  RE: MX80 PPPoE server + RADIUS authentication

    Posted 11-18-2018 20:23

    This is the result I show: 

    root> show network-access aaa radius-servers detail
    Profile: RADIUS
    Server address:
    Authentication port: 1812
    Preauthentication port: 1812
    Accounting port: 1813
    Status: UP

    RADIUS Servers
    Round Trip Time: 0
    Authentication requests: 0
    Authentication rollover requests: 0
    Authentication retransmissions: 0
    Accepts: 0
    Rejects: 0
    Challenges: 0
    Authentication malformed responses: 0
    Authentication bad authenticators: 0
    Authentication requests pending: 0
    Authentication request timeouts: 0
    Authentication unknown responses: 0
    Authentication packets dropped: 0
    Preauthentication requests: 0
    Preauthentication rollover requests: 0
    Preauthentication retransmissions: 0
    Preauthentication accepts: 0
    Preauthentication rejects: 0
    Preauthentication challenges: 0
    Preauthentication malformed responses: 0
    Preauthentication bad authenticators: 0
    Preauthentication requests pending: 0
    Preauthentication request timeouts: 0
    Preauthentication unknown responses: 0
    Preauthentication packets dropped: 0
    Accounting start requests: 0
    Accounting interim requests: 0
    Accounting stop requests: 0
    Accounting rollover requests: 0
    Accounting retransmissions: 123
    Accounting start responses: 0
    Accounting interim responses: 0
    Accounting stop responses: 0
    Accounting malformed responses: 0
    Accounting bad authenticators: 0
    Accounting requests pending: 1
    Accounting request timeouts: 164
    Accounting unknown responses: 0
    Accounting packets dropped: 0


    + This is the version of my MX80 

    Model: mx80
    Junos: 15.1R7.9
    JUNOS Base OS boot [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (MX80) [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Web Management [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Online Documentation [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Services Application Level Gateways [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Services Jflow Container package [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Services Stateful Firewall [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Services NAT [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Services RPM [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Services Captive Portal and Content Delivery Container package [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Macsec Software Suite [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Services Crypto [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Services IPSec [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [15.1R7.9]
    JUNOS Routing Software Suite [15.1R7.9]